Explanation of “Walk-the-dog” Fishing technique

For all anglers who do not know exactly what is going on with the “Walk-the-dog fishing technique” which baits are developing and how they are conducted, I have subsequently written an article and created a sketch that (hopefully) all questions are out of the way, and animate one or another angler to try this fishing technique itself once at their home waters …

What is the “Walk-the-Dog -Angelmethode “?

” (in Angel jargon “the” Walk-the-dog fishing walking-the-dog called “) is a modern and very catchy spinnings method for selectively beangeln of predatory fish on the water surface. The name comes from the English language and means as much as: “ go with the dog for a walk .” As a rule, this fishing technique surface predators, such as the asp readjusted. With a little practice thus can however also means water predators such as pike and perch and even chub tempted to bite.

Anyone who has ever Walk-the-Dog fished will also understand why it is so named. The bait is here with the help of the fishing rod in a very special way – “whipped” above the water – in a zig-zag course. He breaks through in short jumps again to the right and the left.

For Walk-the-Dog-fishing special surface lure are used that do not have diving lip and run only on the water surface. This Spezialwobbler be “ Stickbaits ” and “ Pencilbaits called” (it these are two different wobbler types ).

Tip: You can find some good and recommendable Stickbait wobbler:

Guide way of the bait

, the guide way of the bait with this fishing method is – especially at the beginning – a little complicated and requires a little practice. However, anyone who is willing to try something new and this fishing technique used regularly, they will learn and perfect over time, so it is therefore recorded very good fishing success. In the following section provides a step-by-step guide on how the bait moves through the water and is collected properly: 1.) . the bait is thrown to fishing spot, then the rod is lowered down so that it points in the direction of the water 2) Now, the bait herangekurbelt and simultaneously with short rod strokes ( down and up) animated to swerve to the left and right.

3.)) In between the bait is stopped momentarily and stops, then described again as in step 2, herangekurbelt. It should always be taken to ensure that the string contact never possible breaks for bait.

Personal experiences and advice Walk the Dog Fishing:

– Experience shows that take place in this fishing technique not so many bites, such as when fishing with spinners. However, if a bite occurs, then that happens most brutal and unexpected. One should try continuously concentrated to fish and the bait (and the water surface) monitored closely.

– The predators pounced usually frantically turned to the bait, but miss it here very often. If a bite occurs and is seen on the water surface, one should try to strike not the same and to feel the bite. Often it happens that the bait you pulls away from the sight and attack range of the predator at too early a stop. Here you should definitely clocking the bait shortly and will strike when the fish hangs safely.

Recommended Fishing Equipment:

Fishing Rod: To Walk-the-Dog-fishing a not too long and not heavy spinning rod should be used, since one here is very many fast, must perform short Whip-movements with the rod. . A light to medium, stiff spinning rod with 1.80m – 2.10m length and a casting weight of 15g-40g is well suited for this

pivotal role: Since in this fishing method much is cranked, you should not too small a role at a slightly higher string translation use. An average 3000-4000er spinning reel is well suited.

Fishing line: Here the Angel tempers argue a little. Many predator anglers prefer a thin, braided fishing line (0,10-0,15er), other anglers fishing this fishing method with a low elongation 0,20er-0,25er monofilament cord (the choice is a matter of taste!).